101 Goals in 1001 Days

101 Goals in 1001 Days
Start Date: 08 July 2010
End Date: 05 April 2013
In Progress

Financial Milestones
1. Pay off my credit card
2. Talk to a credit union
3. Build our emergency savings account to $10,000 by the end of 2010
4. Build our emergency savings account to $20,000 by the end of 2011
5. Build our wedding fund to $5,000 by the end of 2011
6. Be one month ahead on all of our bills by the end of 2010

7. Write a mission statement
8. Write a business plan
9. Write a pricing list
10. Write business goals
11. Take on two paying clients
12. Register as an officiant
13. Plan twelve weddings by the end of 2011

14. Create and use a household organizer
15. Create a chore list and schedule and enforce it for myself and Lauren
16. Create and use a daily schedule
17. Design my dream kitchen
18. Donate all my unwanted books
19. Go through my closet twice a year and get rid of clothing I don’t use

Things to Create
20. Make a quilt
21. Complete two wedding scrapbooks
22. Make at least one piece of jewelry a month
23. Make one complete outfit
24. Build a shelf/organizational system for my craft supplies
25. Complete an outline for my book
26. Make a website
27. Complete at least 10 DIY projects for my wedding
28. Make a family heirloom box
29. Start a tickler file
30. Write a personal mission statement and post it in my office

Things to Buy
31. Buy a used bike
32. But at least 10 household items
33. Purchase a good hardback copy of every Harry Potter I don’t own

34. Take a yoga class
35. Get a vision check-up
36. Get my cavities filled
37. Get my wisdom teeth removed
38. Take a vitamin every day for 60 days
39. Floss every day for 60 days
40. Be a vegetarian for 30 days
41. Ride my bike to the library

Pieces of Paper
42. Get a Missouri driver’s license
43. Get a concealed weapon permit
44. Finish my associate’s degree by June 2012
45. Become a certified green wedding planner

Body Modification
46. Get a tattoo
47. Get teeth whitened
48. Get my breasts lifted

49. Plan a “Perfect Day” for Andy
50. Plan a “Perfect Day” for Lauren
51. Treat my dad to dinner
52. Treat my brother to dinner
53. Treat Macey to dinner
54. Hand craft 10 birthday gifts
55. Write 20 thank you notes (non-wedding related)
56. Read a relationship book
57. Take Molly with me everywhere for an entire day
58. Fix my relationship with Katie

59. Read all of the Harry Potter books to the baby
60. Update my registry
61. Finish putting together the baby furniture
62. Have a natural birth at home
63. Finish my pregnancy book
64. Start and finish baby’s first year book

Going Green
65. Go to the Farmer’s market and buy ingredients for an entire meal
66. Fix the toilets in our home to be low-flow
67. Switch all shower heads in our home to low-flow
68. Switch out all the light bulbs in our home to eco-friendly ones
69. Buy another Energy Star appliance
70. Set up a recycling system

71. Host a dinner party
72. Host a Halloween party
73. Join or start a club
74. Go backpacking
75. Go on a two day road trip with a friend
76. Change the oil in my car myself
77. Initiate a neighborhood garage sale
78. Pose nude for an art class
79. Catalog my books
80. Ride on a train
81. Have a real wedding at our home
82. Start a garden for our wedding

Take a Risk
83. Make friends with five new people (outside of co-workers and internet buddies)
84. Go 48 hours without any personal electronics

Places to Visit
85. Visit every museum in Kansas City
86. Visit a war memorial
87. Visit every fountain in Kansas City

Skills to Learn
88. Learn how to sew using a machine
89. Take a cake decorating class
90. Learn how to make homemade paper
91. Learn how to cook 5 new meals
92. Learn how to drive stick
93. Learn how to make a website
94. Learn how to take apart and put back together a bike
95. Learn how to take apart and put back together the pistol
96. Learn calligraphy

97. Write in my tarot journal every day for 30 days
98. Write an essay on an interesting spiritual topic
99. Write a chant for every household chore and post in the appropriate area
100. Create three permanent altars (threshold, bedroom, kitchen)
101. Keep a moon/nature journal and write in it every Esbat and Sabbat for an entire year